What is Indeni?

Indeni makes it easy to manage the infrastructure of digital businesses. With Indeni Knowledge and Indeni Insight companies can create
an infrastructure that is adaptable to change. Our deep set of integrations to critical devices, built-in automation, and easy to read remediation
instructions arm IT with the knowledge they need to move from reactive to proactive infrastructure management. By analyzing billions of data points
per day, and gathering knowledge from thousands of IT professionals, Indeni minimizes business disruptions and maximizes their contribution.

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Analyze critical device data against your peers


Indeni Insight is the largest database of information collected from Enterprise Networks across the globe.
Indeni leverages this information to more accurately identify issues that could affect your environment.

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Featured Solutions

Identify potential devices failures across the most popular firewalls, routers and switches. Provide administrators
with actionable remediation steps to save time, resources and avoid business disruption.
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What Our Customers Say

indeni protects over $200B in annual revenues, saves 50% on remediation time, and anticipates business and network disruptions.
Join the community of experts who have shifted to a proactive approach to network operations.

Fiona Boyd, Head of Security, Fujitsu UK and Ireland.

“Using Indeni is going to enable Fujitsu to both enhance our services to our customers, improve their experience with Fujitsu and enable us to execute on our growth plans. ”

Fiona Boyd, Head of Security, Fujitsu UK and Ireland. / Fujitsu
Ryan Leonard, CIO, FXCM (NYSE: FXCM)

“The details of the alert and the in-depth visibility we got from Indeni went way beyond our expectations!”

Steve Bourike, IT Global Operations, Travelex

“Indeni is crucial for making sure both our retail and our online business are not affected by unstable network infrastructure.”

Steve Bourike, IT Global Operations, Travelex / Travelex

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