Upgrade Your Data Center With Confidence For Just $6,150

Many people we’re speaking with are going through data center upgrades – replacement of network equipment, upgrade of cabling and connection speeds, consolidation, expansion, you name it. This is something that can go very smoothly, or very wrong.

In our conversations with our customers, we’ve also discovered that one of the primary uses for indeni is validating that the new network equipment is correctly configured before it goes live. Think of it this way – you are setting up a new pair of routers, or firewalls, or load balancers, and you want to make sure that they are correctly configured before you have production traffic pass through them.

Who wants to start a maintenance window on Saturday at 2AM only to roll everything back after discovering some configuration mistake?

SOO, we’ve decided to come out with a special package for you: by spending as little as $6,150 you will get the ability to test the configuration of your devices before they go live. This package includes the full blown indeni for 10-devices, for 6-months, with the ability to move indeni’s spotlight between devices. This means that every week you can point indeni at another set of devices, those that are due for deployment at the end of the week. During the week, indeni will keep an eye on those devices and tell you before the weekend if anything looks wrong. Then, you take those devices live and let indeni keep watching them until the end of Monday. If all goes well, you move to another set of devices on Tuesday. Simple, eh?

This package supports Check Point firewalls, Cisco routers and switches running IOS 12 and up, Fortinet Fortigates running 4 and up, Juniper SRXs, SSGs and ISGs and F5 BIG-IP 11.x.x.