Dynamic Security with Indeni Knowledge

The integration of Indeni with Check Point management servers and gateways allows network security operations teams to continuously validate their environments’ configuration against an ever growing set of Check Point device knowledge. Go beyond SNMP monitoring with best practice notifications from other Check Point customers, experts and partners from from around the world.
Maximize Your IT Investments

When deploying best-in-class network security products, it is important to consider how to protect the investment: how to ensure best practices are followed, configurations are in check, and the products’ performance is tracked. By using Indeni with Check Point firewalls, network security operations teams are notified of misconfigurations before they result in service downtime.


“Indeni is crucial for making sure both our retail and our online business are not affected by unstable network security infrastructure.”
- Steve Bourike, Network and Security Consultant IT Global Operations, Travelex

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100x Greater Visibility into Check Point Devices

Deep Level Insight into Check Point Devices

  • Real Time notifications
  • Easy to use User Interface
  • 100X data collected over SNMP approaches into connected CPFW devices
  • Simple to follow remediation steps linking to Check Point SecureKnowledgeTM where appropriate.

Years of Check Point Knowledge

  • A knowledge base that expands the entire Check Point portfolio
  • Thousands of checks including:
    • Two cluster members differ in their routing tables
    • Core dump files found
    • Connection table limit approaching or reached
    • NIC duplex setting set to half

Best Practices for Check Point Firewall Management

Indeni automatically investigates Check Point Firewalls configurations, logs, and vital statistics to identify issues before they cause downtime. Here are a few of the things Indeni will proactively look for on your Check Point devices:

Confident Configurations

  • Enterprise Best practices CPFW checks and common misconfigurations
  • Guarantee Check Point cluster configurations are done correctly (i.e., matching routing tables)
  • Ensure NTP, DNS, RADIUS are working smoothly (i.e., avoid clock drift, centralizing authentication)

Performance Optimization

  • Optimize Check Point firewall performance (tracking CPU, number of connections, dropped packets on ports, etc.)
  • Monitor logs to prevent loss
  • Provide thousands of CPFW device checks sourced from Check Point experts and other Check Point customers like you

Predict Check Point Device Failures

In addition to thousands of checks, Indeni also provides human readable remediation steps for the issues found, linking to official Check Point materials, such as SecureKnowledge articles whenever appropriate. View sample notifications for Check Point that contain pre-built scripts and human readable remediation steps.

  1. Gateway cannot access certificate authority
  2. Policy installation resulted in high CPU load cluster may failover
  3. Firewall log file increase rate critical – possible connectivity loss to log server
  4. Firewall kernel table limit approaching or reached
  5. Cluster member down due to NIC error
  6. Some received packets have been dropped by NIC (SA#24915)

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