Identify Hard To Find Issues

Indeni has partnered with Palo Alto Networks to supplement PAN-OS 8.0 and Panorama 8.0 visibility. Complementing PANW NGFWs and Panorama with Indeni increases visibility into device health and attributes through granular data collection and predictive analytics. A real-time intelligence feed from device experts and peers around the world adds value during each stage of your device lifecycle

Increase efficiencies at each stage of your device lifecycle

  • Install: Automate configuration checks, and remediation advice enable more rapid and healthy deployment.
  • Maintain: Enable additional features with confidence. If an error occurs receive recommendations in real-time from peers.
  • Monitor: Be alerted to existing and future issues before they take place. Each alert includes human readable remediation steps.
  • Diagnose: Correlate issues across configurations, logs, and running device statistics with API & SSH integration

Indeni crowdsources custom scripts to look at the most critical areas that require your attention. Indeni can notify users on certificate expiration, licensing expiration, high disk space utilization, OS mismatch, and thousands of other issues before they result in downtime.

Leverage 3rd Party Best Practices

  • Indeni Knowledge is the only solution on the market that has an integrated, ever-expanding, crowdsourced knowledge base to ensure NGFW are constantly being checked for impending device issues
  • Indeni Insight analyzes customer data alongside the results of the entire Indeni customer base. This results in fewer, more accurate alerts keeping the most critical area of your infrastructure up and running

Identify hard to find issues


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