The EIGRP Challenge #1

We’ve put together a few challenges because… well, we’re just fun like that. Here is the first of a few to come, show us how well you know EIGRP. Go!

A mid-sized company in New York hired a promising new network engineer — Jeff — after the previous network engineer retired. Intent on making a good impression, Jeff did some research and decided to implement EIGRP in the network that he’s looking after.

To his surprise and dismay, when he made, what he considered necessary configuration changes, the network stopped functioning! Angry users have started calling in from all over the organization. His manager and the Head of IT Operations want answers now.

Jeff has tried to find the problem by analyzing his monitoring systems, but the results only confirm that all routers are powered on and functioning properly.

What should he do?

Help Jeff locate and resolve the problem so that he can go home and watch the new season of Game of Thrones (and keep his job)!

Here is the topology of Jeff’s network:

The EIGRP Challenge The EIGRP Challenge

The first one to identify the problem, resolve it and provide an elegant solution will win a brand new Phantom Keystroker (so you could ”help” your work friends in future)!

How does the challenge work?

  • Download the GNS3 simulator from here.
  • Load the network topology from the EIGRP_CHALLENGE folder.
  • Power on GNS3 (c3640 is the IOS image you should be using).
  • BE THE FIRST ONE to solve all the issues in Jeff’s network. Prove that there is full coverage of EIGRP in the network by sending us a screenshot of the routing tables, and config files.

The winner will be announced on April 30th in the indeni community blog.

* Contest Rules