Zabbix vs indeni Comparison. Proactive Monitoring vs Automated in-Depth Root Cause Analysis

Zabbix is a great tool. I’ve had the pleasure of encountering it at several of our customers’ sites and have seen it in action. It’s one of those tools that can really scale and give you the ability to see your entire estate – servers, database, network devices – and even quickly respond to certain events.

I’ve been recently asked “How does Zabbix specifically compare with indeni?” and thought I’ll spend the time to write up this post, in case others find it useful.

If one looks at the list of features on Zabbix’s website, they include this (as of Oct 29 2014):

Proactive Monitoring
Improve the quality of your services and reduce operating costs by avoiding downtime.

Looking more closely at Proactive Monitoring, you will find that Zabbix aids Proactive Monitoring by alerting (duh), allowing an automated response (nice), a means of escalating alerts (like forwarding an email), a way of recording notes on an alert (how is this proactive?) and useful information on the host (nice). In my view – none of this is proactive. To be proactive, you need to get notified (an alert) before something breaks and take action to solve it.

From Mirriam-Webster dictionary, Proactive means:
acting in anticipation of future problems, needs, or changes

So while Zabbix touts Proactive Monitoring, it does nothing of the sort. It doesn’t let you act ahead of future problems.

And THAT is the main problem indeni is solving for Zabbix users. indeni identifies problems before they result in downtime and lets users take action on them. We try to make indeni’s alerts as actionable as possible. Whenever we (or one of our users) see an alert isn’t actionable enough, we improve on it. At the end of the day, it’s all down to the knowledge base indeni holds.

Bottom line for Zabbix users: keep your existing system (and investment) going and add indeni to gain true proactivity. Don’t worry, indeni can report back into Zabbix (vis SNMP Traps) so you don’t need two dashboards.

Only one way to find out which tool is best. Try us out for free and see the difference in coverage and visibility only indeni can provide.