Monthly Archives: September 2014

Upgrade Your Data Center With Confidence For Just $6,150

Many people we’re speaking with are going through data center upgrades – replacement of network equipment, upgrade of cabling and connection speeds, consolidation, expansion, you name it. This is something that can go very smoothly, or very wrong. In our conversations with our customers, we’ve also discovered that one of the primary uses for indeni […]

How to know if Internet of Things will break your network

Yesterday I spent some time with a new customer of ours, a Fortune 500 communications company. They are essentially the network over which a variety of companies send their data across. These companies can be in manufacturing, shipping, utilities, retail or anything else you can imagine. As we were talking, they mentioned a major project […]

ARP table is approaching its limits: Check Point Firewalls Configuration Alert Guide

This is a real life sample alert from the indeni configuration alert guide for Check Point Firewalls. Description: The device’s ARP cache is approaching its limit. Currently, there are 2046 entries in the ARP cache, while the limit is 2048 (99.0% is in use). The device is approaching a situation where some ARP entries will […]