Monthly Archives: October 2014

F5 Logging left on in BigDB

This is a real life sample alert from indeni Description: The logging database keys have been altered more than 60 minutes ago and have not been reverted to the default settings yet. Excessive logging for long periods of time may impact performance and stability. Altered BigDB Logging Keys: log.arp.level (Default: Warning) log.config.level (Default: Error) Manual […]

Check Point Alert of the Week: Sync redundancy should use a bond interface, not separate interfaces

This is a real life alert from indeni Description: Sync redundancy should no longer be implemented using separate interfaces. This signature has been made possible with the help of Valeri Loukine. Manual Remediation Steps: Replace the separate sync interfaces with one bond interface. Read SK92804 and CCMA’s blog post on this. How does this alert […]

Zabbix vs indeni Comparison. Proactive Monitoring vs Automated in-Depth Root Cause Analysis

Zabbix is a great tool. I’ve had the pleasure of encountering it at several of our customers’ sites and have seen it in action. It’s one of those tools that can really scale and give you the ability to see your entire estate – servers, database, network devices – and even quickly respond to certain […]