Monthly Archives: November 2014

DNS servers configured but responding too slowly: Check Point Firewall

  This is a real life sample alert from the indeni alert guide for Check Point Firewalls. NOTE: While the alert described here is for Check Point firewalls, the same logic applies with other devices that are sensitive to DNS response times. The difference would be in the information provided. Description: DNS is configured on […]

VPN Gateway Configuration Issues: Clear Packets Drop : Check Point Firewall Alert Guide

This is a real life sample alert from ┬áthe World leader in Proactive Network Management for your Check Point Firewalls. Description: Certain packets are being dropped. This is happening because the local VPN gateway is receiving packets in the clear while the current configuration states they should be encrypted. Note that indeni automatically identifies this […]

F5 and Palo Alto Networksx: Preemption enabled on cluster member

NOTE: This sample alert is provided for F5 devices. indeni supports a similar alert for Palo Alto Networks firewalls, see DOC-7857. This is a real life sample alert from indeni Description: Preemption in clustering means that if this device’s health is degraded and there’s a fail over in the cluster to another member, and then […]