Monthly Archives: December 2014

Network Device Configuration Standardization – Thoughts on Ethan Banks’ post

Ethan Banks has an interesting newsletter called The Hot Aisle. Worth following if you’re not familiar with it, basically the thoughts of a very experienced network engineer. In today’s post, Ethan covers the item at the top of his wishlist: network device configuration standardization. Ethan’s wishes are those of many others that I meet with […]

F5 Self IP and unicast failover IP are not identical

This is a real life sample alert from indeni for F5 Load Balancing Methods Description: The F5 unicast failover IP must be the same as the self IP for failover to work. Versions prior to 11.3.0 did not enforce this. For more information read note #398067 in the 11.4.0 release notes. Manual Remediation Steps: Update […]

SolarWinds© NPM© & NCM© vs indeni: Simple management vs actionable, automated root cause analysis

SolarWinds Network Performance Manager (NPM) and Network Configuration Manager (NCM) used to be two powerful tools when they were invented in 1998. Many times we find ourselves looking towards SolarWinds and thinking “Wow, they’ve built something amazing. But, is it still meeting engineers’ needs today?”. With a big portion of our customers being SolarWinds customers […]