Monthly Archives: May 2015

SNMP Errors: Go Beyond The Basics for SolarWinds© Orion© Users

  Finding errors lurking in your network with a SMNP based monitoring tool soooooo 1999. If you are a SolarWinds Orion user, you have probably realized that while NPM is an amazing product for SNMP-based monitoring, today’s challenges require a more in-depth solution. Out of the box, SolarWinds Orion NPM will give you these: Network […]

Firewall Connection Table Limit Approaching or Reached – Check Point Firewall Alerts

This is a real life sample alert from the indeni Check Point Firewall configuration guide.  Description: There are 248742 concurrent connections while the limit is 250000. The connection table limit should be increased to ensure uninterrupted operation. Manual Remediation Steps: Upgrading to the GAIA OS can resolve the need to set a connection table limit. […]