Best Book Firewall Performance and Optimization

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UPDATE: The book is no longer offered by indeni. Please go to to purchase the book. Below is the original blog post as it appeared. You may also want to take a look at what indeni does for Check Point firewalls.

Our goal at indeni, since inception, was to share as much knowledge as we can with users around the world. Today we’re excited to announce that Timothy C. Hall’s most recent book, “Max Power: Check Point Firewall Performance Optimization”, is now being made available for free to certain Check Point users, at our cost!

Note: this offer is valid through Nov 15th, 2015 only.

The book, published last April, will help you get the maximum performance from your Check Point Firewall! This book takes you through discovery, analysis, and remediation of common performance issues on Check Point firewalls.

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Meet indeni in October

This October, we are hosting a few events across the east coast of the United States together with our partners. So, if you’re in the area, you are welcome to join:

  • Atlanta, GA – Sayers, Check Point and indeni are taking you shooting. Event details…
  • Boston, MA – Zensar, Check Point and indeni are challenging you with a puzzle. Event details…
  • Buffalo, NY – Netanium, indeni and others are getting you drinks. Event details… 

Looking forward to meeting you face to face!