Announcing indeni 5.4: New rule engine, Check Point 61000/41000 support

Welcome 5.4!

In this release we’ve included phase one of our infrastructure operations platform, added new content and as well as Check Point 41k/61k support. In addition, specific feature requests and bugfixes were included. Please reach out to our support team to get the updated release.

IMPORTANT NOTE TO ALL USERS: Starting with 5.4, the licensing mechanism is attached to the indeni instance’s unique identifier (uid) and not the IP address. This allows customers to not only change the IP of their indeni instance, but also set up cold active/standby high-availability in case the primary indeni instance is down or is cut off from the network. To set up cold active/standby, please reach out to our support team.

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Announcing the future of infrastructure health

Today I’m excited to announce our platform for infrastructure health. Before I go into what we’ve just done, let me explain why.

What’s the current status of infrastructure health?

What exactly is broken in infrastructure operations? Why are enterprises around the world still grappling with downtime?

Our research, as well as that of others, points to the human element. Over 70% of all outages are caused by human error. This is baffling – the people responsible for running the infrastructure are some of the smartest people out there. I meet them regularly, they know their job well. Many of them have a decade or more of experience in what they do. Still, mistakes occur. Why is that?

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