BGP peer(s) down for Cisco Nexus




Indeni will alert one or more BGP peers isn't communicating well.

Remediation Steps

Review the cause for the peers being down.
1. Get information for all BGP neighbors by running the "show bgp vrf all sessions" NX-OS command
2. Get a summary list of BGP neighbors and statistics by executing the "show ip bgp vrf all summary" NX-OS command
3. Get detailed information from a BGP neighbor by running the "show ip bgp neighbors X.X.X.X" NX-OS command
4. Check global BGP process information with the "show bgp process" NX-OS command
5. Review the logs for relevant findings
6. For more information please review  following CISCO BGP troubleshooting flow chart:

How does this work?

This script logs into the Cisco Nexus switch using SSH and retrieves the BGP neigborship state using the "show ip bgp summary" command. The output includes a complete report of the per-neighbor BGP state.

Why is this important?

Check if BGP neighbors are up. If a neighbor is not in established state an alert will get triggered.

Without Indeni how would you find this?

It is possible to poll this data through SNMP. State transitions generate a syslog event.

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