Configuration changed on standby member for F5




Generally, making configuration changes to the standby member of a device is not recommended. Indeni will alert if this happens.

Remediation Steps

Make the configuration changes to the active member of the cluster.

How does this work?

This alert logs into the F5 device through SSH and retrieves the local member's state.

Why is this important?

Tracking the state of a cluster member is important. If a cluster member which used to be the active member of the cluster no longer is, it may be the result of an issue. In some cases, it is due to maintenance work (and so was anticipated), but in others it may be due to a failure in the firewall or another component in the network.

Without Indeni how would you find this?

An unplanned change of a cluster members state could be detected by traffic disruptions. An administrator could verify the cluster member state by logging into the web interface of the device looking in the upper left corner. An active device would show "ACTIVE".

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