FDB table usage high for Radware




The Alteon Forwarding Data Base table maps a MAC address (for a given VLAN) with the port number for that MAC address. Indeni will alert prior to the table reaching its limit.

Remediation Steps

Review https://kb.radware.com/Questions/Alteon/Public/Alteon-Forwarding-Data-Base-(FDB)-Table

How does this work?

This script runs the "/config/switchCapFDBMaxEnt" through the Alteon API gateway.

Why is this important?

The FDB table fills up pretty quickly under high traffic loads. It is very common to run into FDB limits, but the limit fluctuates based on the form factor. For example, a vADC can potentially have a lower limit depending on what ports and vlans are assigned to it. An admin will need to know if the table is reaching capacity to determine if L2 forwarding will become an issue for the Alteon.

Without Indeni how would you find this?

An administrator would need to log in to the device and run a CLI command or run the API command "/config/switchCapFDBMaxEnt".

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