Network port(s) down for Fortinet




Indeni will alert if one or more network ports is down.

Remediation Steps

Review the cause for the ports being down.

1. Monitor hardware network operations (e.g. speed, duplex settings) by using the "diag hardware deviceinfo nic " FortiOS command.

2. Run the command "diag hardware deviceinfo nic " command to display a list of hardware related names and values. Review the next link for more details:

3. Run the hidden FortiOS command "fnsysctl cat /proc/net/dev" to get a summary of the interface statistics.

4. Check for a mismatch in the speed and duplex interface settings on two sides of a cable, or for a damaged cable / SFP. Try to manually configure both sides to the same speed/duplex mode when you can. For more information, review "Symptoms of Ethernet speed/duplex mismatches" at

5. Review the log history for interfaces status changes.

6. Review the interface configuration. For more information, use the following interface configuration guide:

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