Virtual systems restarted (uptime low) for Cisco Nexus




Indeni will alert when a virtual system has restarted.

Remediation Steps

Determine why the virtual system(s) was restarted.
1. Use the "show version" or "show system reset-reason" NX-OS commands to display the reason for the reload
2. Use the "show cores" command to determine if a core file was recorded during the unexpected reboot
3. Run the "show process log" command to display the processes and if a core was created.
4. With the show logging command, review the events that happened close to the time of reboot

How does this work?

This script logs into the Cisco Nexus switch using SSH and retrieves the output of the "show version" command. The output includes the device's uptime as well as additional hardware and software related details.

Why is this important?

Capture the uptime of the device. If the uptime is lower than the previous sample, the device must have reloaded.

Without Indeni how would you find this?

It is possible to poll this data through SNMP or capture a syslog/trap event of a device booting up.

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