6 Tips from Network Security Professionals to Re-Ignite Your Career

We all have moments when work-life balance collapses. Time fire-fighting takes over time dedicated for more meaningful work. Whether you’re beginning in network security or have a number of years under your belt – there are always moments when our original motivation dwindles. So how do we re-ignite our passion and career in these lack-luster […]

Jessica Yap
Posted by Jessica Yap March 27, 2019 in Community

Indeni Complements Your Monitoring Solution for Palo Alto Networks Firewalls

Five Reasons why enterprises deploy Indeni with their existing monitoring solutions. 1. Automate High Availability readiness checks Proactively automate tasks to ensure seamless failover in the event of primary firewall failure. Indeni understands how the active/active and active/passive configurations work. For example, we understand the role of the control link, data link and backup links. […]