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What is the Indeni Crowd

Announcing the Indeni Crowd, a hub for the next generation of IT professionals. Indeni Crowd is your go-to place for IT operations best practices, coding tutorials, and a free Indeni download. Organized through spirited challenges, you are taken through a journey based on your interests. These journeys are tailored to include anyone who might be:

  • A current Indeni customer
  • A VAR or MSP
  • Interested in learning how to coding
  • Looking to download Indeni at no cost
  • Interested in industry best practices
  • An Indeni job applicant

How does the Indeni Crowd work?

Once in the Crowd, you will be warmly greeted by the initial “get to know you” challenges* that will help us tailor your experience. Other challenges will direct you towards helpful resources, networking opportunities, career development, and more. Upon completion of each challenge, you are rewarded with points and badges. As you accumulate points, more prizes will open up to you in the rewards catalogue for you to redeem!

*Challenges are defined as activities in the community that award points

As a complement to the points, earning more badges helps you progress through different levels in your journey. Badges can be earned by an assortment of activities: challenges, discussion participation, posting on social media, profile building, and more. Earning more badges will help elevate you into the next level, exposing even more stimulating challenges that are completely tailored to your interests. Each journey has 3 levels: beginner, intermediate, and advanced. We know these level names need improvement, so login today to start your journey with your vote to rename these levels!

Why should you join?

Never face another operational health issue alone. Helpful resources live in our dynamic forum. The discussions in the forum revolve around the industry’s hottest topics and subject matter experts waiting to chat with you. Join the discussions in the Indeni Crowd today to collaborate and dominate troubleshooting issues.

  • Indeni Crowd Discussions
  • Check Point
  • Palo Alto Networks
  • F5
  • Cisco
  • Blue Coat
  • Juniper
  • Indeni Knowledge Language
  • Indeni Platform
  • Suggest an Alert

Download Indeni in the Indeni Crowd at No Cost

Have you wanted to test Indeni out for yourself? Now is your chance with a free Indeni download! Add five devices for a minimum of 14 days at no cost. Don’t want a good thing to end? Get Indeni indefinitely and maximize your fluency in the platform by engaging in the Indeni Crowd.

Indeni is here for you

Indeni launched this crowd because we saw the brilliance in our greater community. Whether you’re running Indeni on a massive enterprise infrastructure or in your home lab, or simply trying to outsmart any red light that comes your way, this is the place for you. Strength comes in numbers, so join Indeni to collaborate and build domain knowledge with our resident experts. We are looking forward to meeting and collaborating with you!