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Every now and then you come across an inspiring individual who is shining with sincerity and passion. Join us in congratulating our April Member of the Month, Ovidiu Vasile Bosorogan, who is nothing short of sincere and inspiring. Ovidiu has been absorbing every challenge and exploring every corner of the Indeni Crowd in search of tapping into a community of like-minded people. In his own words, Ovidiu describes the value of a community:

The word “community” is from the French words for “together” and “gift”. A community is built on service, on participation, and on interactions. You put in time, energy, ideas and sometimes money. Your investment goes toward the goal of helping the community thrive.

Hailing from Romania as a Network Administrator at Chimica Group Orastie, Ovidiu has been leveraging Indeni Crowd on his quest to become a Network Automation expert. He entered into the networking world from a “love for the nature of the job. [I love] the ability to connect different locations so that people can communicate with each other seamlessly. That gives me the motivation and enthusiasm to do this type of work”.

Ovidiu has been ahead of the curve from an early age. He learned how to code as a student where his first code was in Pascal in order to display a word. That experience sparked his ever-growing interest in automation and the ability to explore “the source of programming…I love what is hiding behind a program”. Programming can be daunting, but the opportunities are endless once you learn even one new language. For those just starting out in the Ovidiu suggests “to follow your dreams because you can help people from different sectors of activity”. Indeni Crowd agrees! Refining interests and skills will turn a person into an invaluable member of the community.

Ovidiu has found a community of like-minded individuals all striving towards perfecting Network Automation. It is a shared vision to automate the time-consuming tasks that take up valuable time from network and security professionals. Ovidiu has benefited from the community by learning how to see a Network Flow through CLI (crowdsourced knowledge by community member, Juan Ochoa). He is supporting the crowdsourced movement to make Indeni’s Cisco coverage more robust. Overall, Ovidiu thinks “[Indeni is] a great platform and a great community”. We are happy to have Ovidiu, a Network Automation enthusiast, and inspiration, as April Member of the Month! Join us in congratulating him in the Indeni Crowd Professional Development learning path today.

Fun facts about Ovidiu:

What’s your favorite crowdsourced company? Why?
Indeni is great and also Amazon.

Who are your IT heroes and why?
Bill Gates because he is “the father” of windows operating system.

Do you have a collection of anything?
I have a stamp collection.

Best and worst quality?
Best quality is that I pay attention when a person speaks and my worst quality I think is that I am very meticulous.

What’s a song that always makes you happy when you hear it?
AC/DC – Highway to Hell

Favorite animal and why?
Dogs because they are very friendly

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