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Each month we choose to shine the spotlight on a member of Indeni Crowd who goes above and beyond with their contributions to the community and act as role models and leaders in their respective fields. This month’s community member is no exception to the rule. I’m delighted to announce Hariprasath Ravichandran as our August Member of the Month. Currently, Hariprasath works at SunArc Technologies as an Operations Engineer, in addition to being an Indeni Knowledge Expert.

He chose to become a Network Engineer after receiving the opportunity to crack an IT Operations scenario challenge during training at his first company. At the time, Hariprasath’s team consisted of only eight individuals, including himself. While his seven colleagues worked on troubleshooting the operating system, Hariprasath took on the challenge of single-handedly working on the network. Other teams participating in the challenge had their resources evenly split, four working on the OS and four working on the network. Despite the imbalance of responsibility, the team achieved first place in the IT operations challenge. From that moment on, he became motivated to continue learning how to work on networks.

Hariprasath learned how to code at the age of 14 when he was attending the seventh grade. He began learning from his sister who was preparing a project in Visual Basic by watching her code throughout a series of weeks. Not before long, Hariprasath was able to code efficiently in VB without having prior fundamental knowledge of programming concepts. During his undergraduate years, he continued to hone his coding skills and has learned Node.js, Angular.js, Perl, Python, Shell, and many others. For those seeking to learn how to code, Harisprath states that you need to learn to love to code, and love working at it consistently over and over again.

Favorite animal and why?
Cows. In my early days, we had a dairy farm. I love feeding them and playing with calf.

Do you have any certifications?
AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate, AWS Certified Developer – Associate, Linux Foundation Certified System Administrator, CNCF Certified Kubernetes Administrator

What’s your favorite crowdsourced company? Why?
Indeni – I was introduced to Indeni by our VP – Ulrica. It took little time in understanding the platform. Our previous member of the month Arun David, helped in gaining knowledge on the platform.

What has been your favorite challenge in Indeni Crowd?
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