Earn $1,000 for your Firewall Best Practices

The changing security landscape continues to amplify the demands on Enterprise IT teams. Out of necessity, each Enterprise Network Security team has developed their own tips and tricks to keep their complex environments working as intended. The question many professionals are asking is, “what are the firewall best practices and how can other IT teams easily ramp up to operational excellence?”

One year ago, Indeni – the crowdsourced Network Automation platform – surveyed over 700 community members to identify the up and coming Network Security Automation Trends of 2018. In the resulting report, we unearthed:

  • Top areas where engineering and IT operations need knowledge
  • The state of automated provisioning
  • Practical recommendations to implement automation

This report has helped countless teams and individuals to identify operational gaps within their environment that could easily be filled with strategic automation. This year Indeni wants to surface not only the source of common firewall pains but also effective strategies to improve ongoing firewall health. Help Indeni collect this information by completing the 2018 Firewall Best Practices Survey today. By completing this 9-minute survey, you will be entered to win a drawing for $1,000.

In January, we will announce the grand prize winner and Indeni analysts will publish the Firewall Best Practices report. Participate in this survey to contribute your tribal knowledge and be among the first to receive the compiled firewall best practices from across the globe. Who knows, maybe you will even win $1,000 in the process!