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Indeni Member of the Month

Indeni Crowd attracts IT professionals from far and wide. For the month of February, we all take a virtual trip to India to congratulate Arun David Johnson for being an Indeni Crowd all-star! Since joining, Arun David has interacted with every possible challenge, invited countless individuals, and contributed to the forums. After stumbling upon the Indeni Crowd from his peers at Sun Arc Technologies, Arun David has been making the most of this tight-knit community!

On a twist to the “Hello, World!” program, Arun David’s first program ever was “Hello, David!”. In the process of accomplishing his first programming fetes, he gained a perspective that might be valuable to budding programmers: “[Try and] see the things in real-world applications, with that everything will be easier and achievable.” After learning how to code in his college years, he found himself in the network engineering world. He was drawn in because:

Everything that surrounds us is full of networks. Troubleshooting and administering the network is fun to play around with. Fusing the network access with security made me want to become a network engineer.

With many accomplishments to list off, Arun David continues to be proud of creating and managing an internal firewall for his team. As Arun David continued to explore, he found Indeni to help him automate some of those medial tasks all network engineers face. Now his only request is automating his timesheets so he doesn’t miss the due date; maybe one day, Arun David!

The Indeni Crowd has been a place of exploration for Arun David. He has enjoyed exploring the product and learning about Indeni as a whole, saying “Indeni has [a lot of] knowledge expertise to learn from”. He particularly liked how he has been able to get access to this tribal knowledge: “earning points and learning with fun to get to know the product in this community way was good and unique.” Arun David found the “On the go? Take us along!” challenge, where you are introduced to the Indeni Crowd app, has helped him stay connected with any new challenges or discussions posted. While he would like to learn more from the API perspective and gain access to even more Indeni product challenges, he sees the value of the Indeni Crow as “[you can] learn about the product, best practices and networking with like-minded people”.

Here are some fun tidbits about our February Member of the Month, Arun:

  • Do you have a collection of anything? Coins of different countries
  • Best and worst quality? Best Quality – Adapt to changes and new environments quickly. Worst Quality – Won’t quit easily.
  • What’s a song that always makes you happy when you hear it? Tamil Classical Song – Sathai Nishkalamai
  • Which country do you live in? India
  • Favorite animal: Tiger
  • IT Heros: Bill Gates
  • If you could master one new skill, what would it be? To play keyboard
  • What’s your favorite crowdsourced company and why? Flickr – The product site allows us to access high-quality images


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