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Horror Hack-A-Thon

Win $1,000 by joining the legion of #HorrorHackers.

Every IT professional has been plagued by a horrifying moment where suddenly everything seems to be going wrong. The Indeni Horror Hack-A-Thon has launched during the month of October to put an end to these technically terrifying moments. Join the Indeni Crowd to become a Horror Hacker and see if your technical expertise will win you the grand prize of $1,000!

Could I be a Horror Hacker?

Great question! Do you identify with one or more of the following:

  • Network Professional
  • Security Professional
  • Operations Professional
  • Troubleshooting Extraordinaire
  • IT Proactivity Specialist

If you can relate to any of those, this Hack-A-Thon is right up your alley. All you have to do is follow the easy steps listed below and join your fellow #HorrorHackers on Twitter.

What to Expect

Step 1: Join the Indeni Crowd

Click the Indeni Crowd link and sign up. Simple enough, right?

Step 2: Submit your stories


After logging into the Indeni Crowd, click on the first challenge titled “Submit your Horror Story”. Follow the link to the discussion where you can contribute both your story and your brilliant problem-solving techniques. 

If you would like to submit anonymously, send your story to the Indeni Crowd Administrator, Annette Ochoa, to have her submit your story in your stead.

You can submit any time through October 31st, 2017.

Step 3: Voting Blitz!

Another simple task. Login to the Indeni Crowd and search for the “Vote on the Horror Stories” challenge. Follow the link back to the discussions and “like” your favorite stories. The most “likes” on a story will win the $1,000 Grand Prize!

Don’t delay, voting ends on October 31st!

Step 4: Share to Win!

As mentioned in the Voting Blitz, the most “likes” on a story will win the $1,000 Grand Prize. The last Horror Hack-A-Thon challenge encourages you to share your story on social media to get more likes. Get your friends in on it and win the Grand Prize!

Step 5: Winner Announcement

The winner with the most likes on their story will be announced on October 31st at 12:00 pm PT.

The winner will receive the $1,000 grand prize through a Gift Card.

I have questions, who do I ask?

You can direct message the Indeni Crowd Administrator, Annette Ochoa, with any question and expect a prompt response.

See you Horror Hackers in the Indeni Crowd!

The legion of Horror Hackers looks forward to seeing your technically terrifying stories and your superhuman solutions. Good luck to each of you in flaunting your technical prowess and winning the grand prizes. See you in the Indeni Crowd!

Horror Hack-A-Thon Terms and Conditions