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Indeni leverages Ansible simplicity and flexibility to automate security infrastructure operations and troubleshooting tasks in the most timely manner possible.

Today security operations teams are struggling to deliver new services at the same pace as the rapidly increasing demands of business. To meet this challenge, automation is the catalyst.

With the release of Indeni 7.0, you can automatically triage problematic security infrastructure devices. Once Indeni identifies an issue, it will automatically run the investigative steps that are normally run manually. The steps are time tested, but can be time intensive, since they range from simply gathering additional contextual diagnostics information, up through in-depth analyzing and performing common troubleshooting tasks. This automation not only helps to reduce the time spent on troubleshooting issues, but also reduces the total time that the problem can affect your environment.

What’s more, intermittent problem events can be elusive to diagnose. With this event-driven automation, Indeni will collect the relevant diagnostic test results during the problem, allowing customers to determine the events and conditions that lead to a problem to enable problem diagnosis.

Why use Ansible – Indeni’s perspective

The decision to consume an existing, open source technology versus build or buy was very strategic. The key factors are:

  1. Ansible is a leader in IT automation and Indeni is the leader in automating security infrastructure operations. Together, our unique automation capabilities will help enable security operations teams run their infrastructure more efficiently and consistently.
  2. Automation is both of our core competencies. We decided to build our own automation engine. Making use of open-source code is in our DNA. We have enjoyed the benefits of using open-source for many years. Ansible is recognized as a leading open-source automation software being the 7th most contributed on GitHub (out of 96M) in the market.
  3. When a problem is detected, our vision is to automate the triage process and to eventually fix the issue automatically. Fixing an issue often involves making configuration changes. Rather than reinventing the wheel, Indeni preferred to leverage a best of breed tool to automate configuration management. 
  4. Currently, many of our customers are already using Ansible for server and network automation. With our synergy, we are extending the reach of automation to the security infrastructure.
  5. Within Indeni’s community of security experts, we have existing expertise in developing Ansible Playbooks and modules, making developing Ansible content a low barrier entry  for the community.
  6. Indeni are users of Ansible. Internally, we have been using Ansible to deploy our own application stacks. We are also using Ansible for continuous delivery.
  7. We share a very strong sense of community. From industry experts in the world, Indeni crowdsources knowledge on how to optimally operate security infrastructure. We believe in contributing back to the community; so we look forward to contributing Ansible content to the community.

Better Together

The Indeni Platform with Ansible inside will bring together Ansible’s trusted IT automation capabilities and the best crowd-sourced automation platform for security infrastructure. It’s a perfect combination of knowledge, skill and automation technology offering users significant value by bringing a new auto-triage automation capability to optimize security operations.

For Indeni’s customers, they will be able to:

  •  Optimize the performance of the security infrastructure. Automation streamlines IT operations enabling security operations teams to deliver optimal security services at the desired quality to the business.
  •  Automate data enrichment to save engineering time. Now you can free up their time for more strategic tasks.
  •  Work more effectively. Automated playbooks will surface useful and actionable information that will immediately facilitate people’s work.

Try Indeni Infrastructure Automation, powered by Ansible today.

Ansible is a trademark or registered trademark of Red Hat, Inc. or its subsidiaries in the U.S. and other countries.

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