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The next-generation of Network Security Engineers are now among us, pushing the limits on what is possible and how things are done. These trademark characteristics are not lost on our Indeni Crowd June Member of the Month, Akshay Desai. As a budding IT entrepreneur, Akshay has found a valuable community within Indeni Crowd to tap into the knowledge base.

Networks have always been a point of interest for Akshay. His curiosity and interest led him into network engineering after earning his CCNA Router and Switch certification, something Akshay considers to be one of his proudest moments. His drive to comprehend every element of the network has led him to enroll in a Masters program in Cybersecurity focusing on risk management, compliance, and governance. Once he gets his masters, this ambitious engineer is looking to get his ethical hacker certificate and to open up his own IT startup.

Indeni Crowd forums have played an important role for Akshay in accessing networking best practices, remediation steps and years of accumulated domain knowledge. As Akshay put it: “The value I get from Indeni Crowd is the easy exchange of communication which provides valuable answers to questions”. In other corners of the community, members get rewarded after exploring Learning Paths like Indeni’s Palo Alto Networks automation coverage or getting the sneak peek for Indeni’s upcoming development environment designed for automation scripting. Both of those were highlights for Akshay, given his dynamic background in networking, cybersecurity, and programming.

Though programming is not Akshay’s favorite component of the network security, being competent in C++ and Java have been a vital piece of his training and ongoing success. While learning to code, he saw greater success when getting an in-depth knowledge of the concepts and applying those concepts to all applicable tasks. He would love to see programmers helping “automate basic tasks like completing the template of risk assessments or discovering the security loopholes in a network. Also, restoration of services if systems fail would be amazing.”

As a call to the community, Akshay is hoping to hear your thoughts on next-generation networks and associated network challenges that might develop. We have posted this question in the forum for you to share your two-cents with Akshay and the community.

Fun Facts About Akshay

Which country do you live in?

Do you have a collection of anything?
Tech e-books and music

Best and worst quality
Creative thinking and common sense are both strong points for me. Sometimes laziness comes out and it is not my best quality.

What’s a song that always makes you happy when you hear it?
The Weeknd – Can’t Feel My Face. I heard it for the first time when I was in Los Angeles while I was completing my UCLA Summer Session. It just takes me back to all the pleasant memories I had during that summer.

Favorite animal and why?
I don’t have a favorite animal but I like Lion since they are fearless


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