Requiem for NPM

Are you still using SolarWinds’ NPM to identify issues in your firewall and load balancing gear? If you are, that means you are:

  1. Unaware if your gear is about to fail due to configuration mistakes.
  2. Incapable of knowing if there are interesting logs you should look at.
  3. Blind to the true health of your equipment, beyond up/down status and CPU usage.

SolarWinds NPM was great for 1998, the year it was born. But it’s 2015 now. You need in-depth diagnostics of your equipment. Know your issues before they hit you. Complicated as they may be.

Within 45 minutes, indeni will give you unprecedented visibility into your firewalls and load balancers. You’ll never need to go back to NPM.

We’re so sure of that, that we offer to buy your NPM service contract. When you purchase a license for indeni, present your NPM service contract and your desire to stop using NPM, and we will refund you the pro-rated amount remaining on the contract.

With indeni, you won’t need NPM anymore for your Check Point, Cisco, Fortinet, Juniper, Palo Alto Networks firewalls and your F5 load balancers.

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