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SNMP based monitoring & Syslog from SolarWinds

If you are a SolarWinds Orion user, you are enjoying the benefits of NPM for SNMP-based monitoring. With a large portion of network visibility under control, you can extend your SolarWinds solution to include automation and ensure the availability of your network. Read how to learn how. Out of the box, SolarWinds Orion NPM enables you to monitor these aspects of your devices (Source: NPM’s Quick Start Guide):

  • Network availability
  • Bandwidth capacity utilization
  • Buffer usage and errors
  • CPU and memory utilization
  • Interface errors and discards
  • Network latency
  • Node, interface, and volume status
  • Volume usage
  • With recent of acquisition of Loggly, Solarwinds customers now have access to syslog data from devices such as routers, switches, load balancers and intrusion protection systems (Source: Loggly documentation)

Leverage Automation & Extend Network Visibility

To ensure network and security devices are operating as intended, it is important to routinely check settings and status of devices. These tasks are highly repetitive and typically done manually, which opens up IT to making mistakes. Let’s look at how you can automate these validation tasks using Indeni alongside SolarWinds Orion and Loggly.


High Availability Use Cases Solutions
Network Visibility Indeni supplements SolarWinds Orion and Loggly by collecting data from network and security devices via the native API or SSH. Within each issue summary, engineers and operations have prescriptive next steps to solve any issues uncovered.

  • SolarWinds– SNMP
  • Loggly – Syslogs
  • Indeni – via native API, SSH, Syslog
Maintenance Indeni

  • SSL certificates about to expire
  • Licenses about to expire
  • Vendor hardware is faulty
  • Application package or signatures are not up to date
High Availability Indeni

Check active and standby devices for mismatches across:

  • Policies
  • static routing tables
  • Radius/TACACS servers
  • Time zone
  • Bond interfaces
  • configuration files, and many more.
Compliance Best Practices Indeni

  • Configuration and misconfiguration avoiding human errors, e.g. static routing tables.>
  • Ensure NTP server is operational for PCI compliance
  • Checks for OS software version, hotfixes, DNS servers to ensure compliance.
Security Best Practices Indeni

  • Weak cipher
  • Weak security protocol used with SSL profiles
  • Default certificate used
  • HTTP server enabled
  • SNMPv2c/v1 used
  • Telnet enabled
  • Known vulnerabilities
Vendor Best Practices Indeni for Check Point.

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We hope this is helpful! Indeni was written from scratch with a community of certified IT professionals, and is trusted by customers in the F1000. Learn more about the platform here.

BlueCat acquires Indeni to boost its industry-leading DNS, DHCP and IP address management platform to help customers proactively assess network health and prevent outages.