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About The Position

Indeni is the crowd-sourced automation platform for security infrastructure in the public and private cloud. With Indeni Crowd and Indeni Knowledge organizations gain access to living repositories of automation tasks across high availability, security compliance, and best practices. Indeni is at the forefront driving automation for security infrastructure as it puts responsibility for automating security compliance and operations straight into the hands of the security engineers.

To achieve its goal, Indeni has built a platform on top of which the knowledge base is built. The platform is easy to use for non-coders. To generate the knowledge base, we are seeking experienced cloud security engineers interested in making a mark on the world of cloud security compliance automation in the multi-cloud environment.

The engagement is ideal for those with certification and experience in cloud security products looking to share their expertise globally. Technologies we are currently targeting:

  • Experience in public cloud environments (AWS, Azure & GCP).
  • Public cloud automation experience using Terraform, AWS CloudFormation, Kubernetes, or similar tools.
  • Cloud network security control knowledge and experience.
  • Experience with AWS security services including AWS WAF, Amazon VPC, Cloudtrail, Cloudwatch, AWS security hub, (AWS security certification).
  • Experience with Azure DDoS, Azure Sentinel, Azure Application Gateway, Azure Blueprints, Azure Security Center (Microsoft Azure Security certification).
  • Experience with Cloud Security posture tools such as Dome9, Redlock, McAfee Skyhigh, etc.
  • Experience with Service Mesh, Istio, Envoy, Zero Trust.

This engagement includes:

  • Up to $100/hour payment. Consultants make $3000/month on average.
  • A part-time consultancy role. You may be located anywhere in the world.
  • A very interesting project and an opportunity to run your code in large enterprises around the globe.

Are you ready to be challenged?