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About The Position

Indeni’s Cloudrail is leading the “shift-left” movement for cloud infrastructure. Cloudrail embeds within teams’ CI/CD pipelines, inspects infrastructure-as-code as it flows through and identifies potential security and operational issues before they make it to the live cloud environment. Teams use Cloudrail to avoid mistakes which can be costly to fix once the infrastructure is live in production. Cloudrail follows the “product-led-growth” model, focusing on an easy-to-use product that delivers value on its own, without requiring additional support.

As a Developer Advocate, you will be reporting to the Cloudrail Product Manager. Within the product team, you will be the “voice” of the end user. While part of your responsibility involves interfacing with end users on the product, you will be a thought leader in the future of “shift-left” by introducing new frameworks for IaC security. As a Dev Advocate, you enjoy “talking shop” and being part of developer communities. You are expected to understand how DevSecOps/DevOps practitioners work, how they integrate tools into their processes and understand how to reduce friction to activating Cloudrail into workflows.

You will join a dynamic environment, work as part of a cross-functional team, and have the opportunity to create thought leadership on the future of Shift Left. 

You would regularly be featured in videos like these:

Interview with Anton Babenko

Talking about DevSecOps culture with Ashish Rajan

What You Will Do

  • Grow and develop the success of Cloudrail’s developer experience, as well as the size and richness of the developer community.
  • Engage with various kinds of DevOps and DevSecOps practitioners (including developers, testers, architects, and more) to understand their perspectives, workflows, and use cases.
  • Develop and present talks, demonstrations, and workshops for developer conferences, events, and hackathons.
  • Assist with Cloudrail documentation, tutorials, and other education efforts within DevRel
  • Build and nurture relationships with Cloudrail champions and other community leaders
  • “Dogfood” Cloudrail regularly and interpret user data and community feedback, to drive insights and assist product development
  • Produce code samples, design patterns, blog posts, videos, and tutorials for developers.
  • Contribute to and get community members to contribute to the expansion and maturing of Cloudrail’s Open Source projects (Dragoneye)

Preferred Skills and Experience:

  • Contributing to open-source projects and could set up one of your own
  • Deployment, integration, and operations on cloud platform such as AWS, Azure, Google Cloud Platform
  • Fundamental understanding of at least one cloud provider (Cloud provider certifications are welcomed)
  • Competency in CICD pipeline tools
  • Competency in the following domains in the cloud: Networking, IAM and Serverless
  • Coding experience in contemporary languages and development environments such as Python, Go, C++, Python, Java, GitHub, Maven, Jupyter.
  • Participation in and/or knowledge of existing developer forums
  • Blogging, technical documentation, and developer outreach
  • Presenting to technical audiences
  • BA/BS in Computer Science or equivalent degree and experience