The Rise of the VAR/MSP

The Managed Service Provider (MSP) market is exploding. It’s been this way for a few years now. It makes a ton of sense – MSPs can offer something organizations are lacking and for a lower cost: expertise in 24/7 operation of critical infrastructure.

Some, usually larger, enterprises are unable to use MSPs today due to security and confidentiality requirements. However, many who can, choose to use MSPs to run their infrastructure. We, at indeni, are happy to see this trend as MSPs are a great partner of ours. Take Fujitsu, for example, a leading MSP in the UK & Ireland who has converted their MSP offering to run around indeni’s technology.

One thing that we started seeing more and more in 2014 and now 2015, is the rise of the VAR/MSP. Value Added Resellers (VARs) are those who sell network equipment and professional services to large enterprises. Historically, their business was primarily around making a low margin on physical equipment sale (and maintenance) and a higher margin on professional services (design and implementation of projects).

However, much like startups and more established tech vendors have figured out, a recurring revenue stream can greatly increase the business’s profitability. Almost all such vendors today use (or are moving to) annual subscriptions to provide services instead of selling perpetual licenses. It provides them with an ability to forecast future revenues, increase margins and build a solid business.

VARs are now going the same way. They are leveraging their expertise (built through reselling equipment and providing professional services around it) to build strong MSP offerings. Several of our VARs have already begun offering this and many others are in the planning/building process. We’re very happy about this development – as indeni is becoming a core element of delivering these services. Our pricing model aligns with that very well too, so MSPs have considerable flexibility in rolling out indeni across their existing and new customers.

These are exciting times!

Bridgian and indeni joining hands in Minnesota

indeni is proud to be partnering with Bridgian as a Platinum partner in Minnesota.

Each week more and more customers, partners and distributors are approaching indeni to understand our new paradigm for keeping networks running. It is only with such visionaries as Pat Waters and Kate O’Shea at the helm of forward thinking Value Added Resellers can we realize the unprecedented explosion in interest we are now facing.

Bridgian has very quickly shown that being a VAR is not just about waiting for a renewal, but rather really understanding customer pain, and selecting from a wealth of products out there to help customers reduce that pain. Such vision from our partners has helped fuel our growth across the US and as such partnering with Bridgian is a natural step for us.

If you are considering proactive maintenance for your firewall and are based in Minnesota, I recommend giving them a call. Pat is always on hand to explain why every Check Point customer should be looking at indeni as well to make sure their organization gets the most stable security solution possible.

I am truly excited to be working with Bridgian in Minnesota to help bring a much needed new paradigm in network management to such an important market.

Check Point Firewall Experts Wanted

Every now and then it’s time to say thank you to the people who help us regularly. We’d like to organize the Check Point user community to identify who are the top contributors – those who know their stuff, can recall the days when FW1 was on a floppy disk and can configure CoreXL in their sleep.

Know anyone? Please fill out the form below to nominate your Check Point expert. You can fill it out multiple times, just be sure to use the same email under “My email” so it doesn’t fail our bot testing.

Nominations are accepted until Aug 31st, 2014.

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Fujitsu and indeni sign agreement to enhance security operations

London, UK – (June, 2014) – indeni has announced the signing of a new three year agreement with Fujitsu Ltd. The agreement, that focuses on Fujitsu’s Information Security Services operational delivery platform in the UK and Ireland region,  greatly enhances Fujitsu’s ability to deliver seamless security services to their customers.

indeni’s game-changing, device-agnostic network operations service offers enterprises continuous monitoring and automated error checking – alerting network administrators of potentially debilitating network failures – weeks in advance.  Its proactive network operations and security solutions integrate with users’ hardware devices.

“We are delighted that Fujitsu have recognized the enormous value of our proactive network operations approach. Fujitsu’s vision of delivering highly robust advanced security services for their customers and taking a lead in their market can now be delivered through underpinning their services with the indeni tool set.” says Zak Rubinstein, VP Business Development, Co-Founder at indeni.

“Using indeni is going to enable Fujitsu to both enhance our services to our customers, improve their experience with Fujitsu and enable us to execute on our growth plans. We are very pleased to have created this partnership allowing us to differentiate from our competitors.” said Fiona Boyd, Head of Security, Fujitsu UK and Ireland.