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Palo Alto Networks Firewalls Alert Guide: Group ID Conflict Detected

This is a real life sample alert from indeni alert guide for Palo Alto Firewalls.   Description: This cluster has the same Group ID as the other clusters listed below. A conflict may arise if they share a VLAN with this cluster. Other Clusters: buny-fw1 ( Manual Remediation Steps: Consider changing the Group ID. For […]

Proxy ARP Entries Removed – Check Point Firewalls Optimized Performance

This is a real life sample alert from the indeni guide to preemptive maintenance for Check Point Firewalls. Description: This firewall used to have (51) proxy ARP entries. They have disappeared suddenly from the output of “fw ctl arp”. Proxy ARP behavior may be impacted. Manual Remediation Steps: If this is due to an interface being taken […]

Firewall in Maintenance Mode. Palo Alto Network Alert Guide

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This is a real life sample alert from our indeni alert guide for Palo Alto Networks Firewall. Description: The firewall has entered maintenance mode due to an unknown reason. indeni will stop collecting data from this firewall until it exits maintenance mode. Manual Remediation Steps: Connect to the firewall using SSH (see DOC-5719) and determine the […]