Release Notes 7.2.0

See below for the detailed notes for 7.2.0. Customers head over to the Indeni Forum within Indeni Crowd to join the conversation around these capabilities. Need the latest build? Download Indeni.


Note: Ubuntu 18.04 is required for this release. See the migration guide to update to Ubuntu 18.04.

New Features

New and improved Issue Page

  • Grouping issues by headline, devices, severity, status and Assignee.
  • New filter Categories to view issues pertaining to the same “Rule Category”.
  • New icons to illustrate if filters are applied and clear filters.

Dashboard – Drill down from widgets to get a detail view with respect to device estate, best practice and device health.

Auto-Triage – Visualize full workflow diagrams to understand the investigative steps and understand the decision tree for troubleshooting an issue.

Knowledge Explorer – Visualize Auto-Triage workflow diagrams for any issues.

Early-Symptom – defers external issue triggers to reduce the noise from transient or flapping issues.

Bug Fixes

  • FRONT-3410 Knowledge explorer – Remediation steps – spelling mistake for remediation steps
  • FRONT-3406 Knowledge explorer – Remediation steps – Text is written in one block instead of each number per line
  • FRONT-3404 Knowledge explorer – Remediation steps – admin get 403 forbidden when opening remediation code in rule overview
  • FRONT-3383 ATE – Running auto-triage via ADE tab in the overview page will not trigger the ATE


Important note: SNMP is mandatory for PAN-OS devices. Please follow the instructions here to enable SNMP on your Palo Alto Networks devices. 

New Features

4 new ATEs for Check Point and Palo Alto Networks:

Check Point:

  • Firewall logging locally
  • Cluster member no longer active
  • High ARP cache  

Palo Alto Networks:

  • Debug mode enabled   

New Check Point CloudGuard ADE:

  • Ensure CloudGuard Controller is running as a process on the management server
  • Check connectivity between CloudGuard Controller and Public Cloud Data Center
  • Check errors on Data Center scanner
  • Check the connection between CloudGuard Controller and CloudGuard instances
  • Check if Identity Awareness web API is running
  • Check if CloudGuard Controller is updating CloudGuard instances
  • Check for imported objects from Data Center

Bug Fixes

Check Point:

  • IKP-3811 CHKP – Management service down (Non-Virtual) – FP on unexpected input

Cisco ASA:

  • IKP-3798 Cisco ASA – duplicate issue: “SSH version 1 is enabled” and “(Cisco ASA) SSH version 1 is enabled”

Palo Alto Networks:

  • IKP-3684 PAN: Cluster Member No Longer Active triggers a false positive for an active or passive state
  • IKP-3814 PAN – Management CPU is being reported as a constant value in panos 9
  • IKP-3802 PAN: show-wildfire-status parser should have additional positive status