Release Notes 7.8.1

See below for the detailed notes for 7.8.1. Need the latest build? Download Indeni.


Bug Fixes

  • FRONT-3393 Custom Reports – validate that Past Date is not in the future
  • FRONT-3751 ServiceNow – remove duplicate entries from drop-down lists
  • FRONT-3756 Integrations – LDAP password is should not be kept in page as plaintext
  • FRONT-3760 Create an email to support – update Zendesk authentication token


Bug Fixes

  • IKP-4558 Checkpoint – Kernel errors found in log files – fix issue_description
  • IKP-4561 Checkpoint – SFP interfaces – report only for the enabled interfaces, fix Device Info display
  • IKP-4563 Device Info – eliminate “No name” entries