Release Notes 7.9.1

See below for the detailed notes for 7.9.1. Need the latest build? Download Indeni.


Indeni upgrades run the Ubuntu “unattended-upgrade” utility in order to upgrade all of the Ubuntu packages that are marked as “security”. This ensures that the Ubuntu OS on the server is updated with the latest OS security patches. Upgrades can be run at any time, using option (2) of imanage, in order to load the latest security updates.


New Features

  • FRONT-3728 Analysis & Custom graphs – provide option to “un-select all” items

Bug Fixes

  • FRONT-3765 GUI – LDAP – hide password in DOM
  • FRONT-3766 Scheduled Device Maintenance – fail to schedule correctly


New Features

  • CHKP – monitor the health of the CPE process on the MDS
  • CHKP – monitor Threat Prevention Policy update date

Bug Fixes

  • IKP-4577 PAN – “High CPU usage per core(s)” – add check for DP usage
  • IKP-4578 CHKP – – avoid parser error on missing data
  • IKP-4582 CHKP – asg-bond – add history_length and avoid triggering on “Failed” text
  • IKP-4583 CHKP – – high parsing time due to large amount of “/vs0/dev/.*refused” lines
  • IKP-4584 PAN – – parser error on “Session timed out”
  • IKP-4585 CHP – ASG/Maestro – missing concurrent-connection for non-vsx
  • IKP-4586 PAN – – parsing error
  • IKP-4587 CHKP – – parser error on invalid error
  • IKP-4590 CHKP – chkp-os-throughput-alert/throughput_alert_vsx – reporting very low values
  • IKP-4591 Rule – Fix typo: “File has being modified”