Release Notes 7.5.0

See below for the detailed notes for 7.5.0. Need the latest build? Download Indeni.


Bug Fixes

  • FRONT-3722 BlueCoat values are displayed as “unknown identifier”.
  • FRONT-3725 Devices screen shows devices as being analyzed when the unresolved F2C issues are Archived.
  • FRONT-3724 Knowledge explorer – Edit rule – severity will be change to the rule default severity if the user didn’t edit the severity field.


New Features

  1. New Auto Triage Elements for Check Point.
    • Interface nearing maximum Tx throughput
    • Interface nearing maximum Rx throughput
  2. New Auto Detect Element for Check Point (Limited Availability only).
    • EDL(s) configured not reachable.
  3. Added support for Check Point R81.
  4. Added support for Check Point Maestro R80.30SP.

Bug Fixes

  • IKP-4463 Fixed the “snmpd process of a VS system is down” parser error.
  • IKP-4458 Fixed the PANOS Interface counters units issue.
  • IKP-4469 Fixed the CHKP OSPF shell command time-out issue.
  • IKP-4470 Added CHKP support of kernel 3 for some OSPF shell commands.
  • IKP-4475 Fixed the CHKP Maestro devices network interface False Positive issue.
  • IKP-4461 Fixed the CHKP Kernel debug options to support new default values.
  • IKP-4471 Fixed the CHKP Cloudguard MDS R80.30 new power supply False Positive issue.
  • IKP-4442 Fixed the Bluecoat ProxySG Health check parser timeout problem.
  • IKP-4478 Fixed the CHKP “cpstat fw” parser issue.
  • IKP-4037 Fixed the CHKP Interleaving in kernel tables output False Positive issue.
  • IKP-4472 Added VS info to CHKP Cloudguard alarms.
  • IKP-4479 Fixed the CHKP Identity Server logins script due to a division by zero error.
  • IKP-4480 Fixed the PANOS HA edge case for SMB devices.