3.1 Summary Tab

The Summary Tab is the first place you land after logging in. This is where you can get a quick overview of the issues Indeni has uncovered. The first thing to take note of is the Critical Issue alarm in the center of the page.

This is updated real time as Critical issues are being found. You can jump to the Critical Issue details by clicking on Go to Issues.

Under the Critical Alarm tab, you can review your Top 10 Issues. Click on the blue arrow (highlighted in green) to scroll and view the rest of the issues. There is also a Pie chart that shows the most common type of issues generated.

At the bottom of the page you can can find the most Recent Issues generated, Group them by Labels or Devices and a Heat Map of the last 120 days so you can see when you had that most issues. A color code is provided at the bottom of the heat map, but you can see more granular details by hovering your cursor over a day of interest.