The Knowledge Platform for IT

Our deep set of integrations to critical devices, built-in automation, and easy to read remediation instructions arm IT with the knowledge they need to move from reactive to proactive infrastructure management. Save time, resources and be able to contribute to strategic efforts.

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Receive configuration, threshold, log and knowledge-based alerts of potential issues across critical devices such as Check Point, Palo Alto Networks, F5, Cisco and more. Identify impending failures before they occur and receive actionable remediation steps from the comfort of your inbox.

Enhance IT Contribution

  • Say yes to business initiatives such as M&A, data center expansions, and new cloud services
  • Complete IT projects on time by super charging talent
  • Find troubleshooting answers quickly with an easy to use interface

Adapt to Change

  • 10 – 100x the knowledge of your IT Network and Security operations teams
  • Extend existing solutions with advanced data collection and correlation
  • Maximize productivity with built in scripts and remediation steps

Utilize Operational Insights

  • Continuously Improve infrastructure with alerts from Fortune 1000 environments
  • Get ahead of issues with proactive alerting based on dynamic knowledge
  • Analyze 100’s device attributes beyond SNMP in one platform

Analyze 10 – 100x more data over SNMP and log based monitoring

The goal when Indeni first started was to find a solution for a problem that has plagued network operations teams around the globe – things breaking. While network leaders and administrators have a pretty good view into what is currently broken, they have no insight into what will break in the future. Not only do they not know what will break but they also don’t know why it will break and how to avoid that from happening. In order to address this problem, Indeni combines machine learning and crowd sourcing to put knowledge front and center.

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How does it work? Indeni technical overview

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How to cut troubleshooting
time in half

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ROI Analysis: The hidden impact of network downtime

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