Get answers to the most complex issues

The Indeni Knowledge platform comes out of the box with a collection of scripts, queries, health checks and remediation steps compiled from Fortune 1,000 customers around the globe. Proactively notify administrators of device failures and potential performance degradation before it occurs.

Fortune 1000

Customers contribute through knowledge creation and enabling Indeni Insight

Device Experts

Scripts and remediation steps are crowd-sourced from experts from around the world

Solution providers

Synthesized learnings from forums such as AskF5, Cisco, live.PAN when and where you need it

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Maximize Your Productivity

Enhance IT Contribution

  • Supplement IT operations teams with thousands of pre-written device scripts and checks
  • Streamline your runbooks with threshold management and proactive alerts and remediation steps

Adapt to change

  • Shorten the time it takes to learn and manage new devices
  • Perform M&A, data center expansions, and new cloud deployments with access to device knowledge from your peers

Utilize Operation Insights

  • Learn from the mistakes those who have gone before you
  • Identify new ways to monitor, manage and diagnose your devices

Knowledge Benefits

Network Engineers

Indeni Remediation Steps

  • Prebuilt queries and custom scripts
  • Fewer, more actionable alerts
  • Human read-able remediation steps

Operations Managers

Indeni Reporting Analysis

  • Predict device maintenance
  • Give time back to network administrators and engineers
  • Proactively improve device health

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