Indeni Licensing and Pricing: Simple and Straightforward


Are you only looking for preemptive alerting? Do you also want to get indeni’s supercharged inventory reporting? How about the ability to gain high priority access to support, training and signature request services? Choose from the table below what best fit your needs, and we’ll make sure to give it to you. We like to please.

Enterprise Enterprise 2.0
Full blown automated root cause analysis and alerting
Email alerting
Support for virtual systems (e.g. Check Point VSX, F5 vCMP, Palo Alto Networks vsys)
Data graphing and trend analysis Yes, 30 day history Yes, 90 day history
High-detail inventory reports
Maximum number of devices that can be covered by a single indeni instance 40 Unlimited*
User creation, granular permission management and SAML integration
Device groups and multi-tenancy
SNMP and Syslog output from indeni (for NOC integration)
Device configuration validation (such as correct NTP, user access, etc.)
Elite support**
Signature requests Yes, but no SLA Yes, with SLA***

* For Enterprise users, the number of devices indeni can cover is limited only by the CPU, memory and hard drive resources allocated to it.
** Designated support engineer (with one backup engineer), priority in support ticket handling and support session scheduling.
*** The SLA guarantee is 2 week turn-around on any signature that is device-specific, can be implemented using safe, read-only, commands run through the same interface indeni is currently using to analyze the device.

How to Buy

We sell solely through our channel partners. Those below will be happy to help you try indeni and buy licenses. You can always contact us directly to discuss your purchasing options. Interested in becoming a partner? Apply Today