Are you still using SNMP monitoring tools for Blue Coat ProxySG? Blue Coat’s security portfolio together with Indeni’s predictive analytics for preemptive alerting of hardware, services, and functionality allows for high availability environment. Indeni provides specific remediation items that if prioritized could prevent sev 1s or hard failures. Indeni performs 24/7/365 checks, beyond the limited capabilities of SNMP based monitoring tools, administrative overhead is drastically reduced as well as the pressure to react. This frees up engineers to focus on what they were hired to do…be proactive. Indeni works on all 7 layers of the network OSI model which means it can dive deeper into issues that would typically take an administrator time to locate the root cause.

Dynamic Knowledge for Blue Coat

  • Guarantee Blue Coat configurations are done correctly (ie: matching routing tables)
  • Optimize Blue Coat performance (tracking CPU, number of connections, dropped packets on ports)
  • Monitor logs to prevent loss.

Blue Coat ProxySG has the highest level of web security in the industry and often plays a vital role in network infrastructure.  By using predictive analytics software like Indeni’s, examining security products from bottom up is critical when trying to avoid web proxy mishaps and breaches.

Indeni offers the first proactive root cause analysis solution for Blue Coat ProxySG, designed to:

  • Reduce administration time
  • Lower costs
  • Ensure a stable, secure network
  • Predict issues to prevent outages
  • Improve resource efficiency

By adding Indeni to your Blue Coat ProxySG’s, you are creating capabilities of preemptively alerting on hardware, services, and functionality. This allows for better operational efficiency to achieve 99.9999%. Monitoring is reactive, with Indeni you can be proactive.