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How Customers Use Check Point Firewalls Around the Globe

In order to conduct the in-depth analysis of configuration and stats on network devices we collect very large amounts of data. For our customers, this data is very useful in benchmarking their network versus other networks around the world. We call this service indeni Insight. Below is an aggregation of some of the data we’ve collected […]

NAT connections (fwx_alloc) table limit approaching or reached

This is a real life sample alert from indeni to identify Check Point Firewalls issues. Description: There are 9210 NAT connections stored in the fwx_alloc kernel table while the limit is 10000. When the limit is reached, new connections may fail. Manual Remediation Steps: In many cases, a sudden spike in connections has been attributed […]

Check Point Firewall Clusters Healthy Checklist

Each and every organization we work with goes through the trouble of setting up a cluster of firewalls in every single critical location in the network. The cluster is there to ensure that there is no single point of failure. It normally works very well – fail overs are smooth and traffic proceeds uninterrupted. However, sometimes, a […]