Meet indeni.

indeni is the only network management platform that provides proactive network healthcare. Receive configuration, threshold, log and knowledge-based alerts of imminent issues across your infrastructure. Identify impending failures across devices such as firewalls, routers or switches, and provide actionable remediation steps to NetOps teams to save time, resources and their professional reputation.

Deliver projects faster with automation

How does indeni work? 

The goal when indeni first started was to find a solution for a problem that has plagued network operations teams around the globe – things breaking. While network leaders and administrators have a pretty good view into what is currently broken, they have no insight into what will break in the future. Not only do they not know what will break but they also don’t know why it will break and how to avoid that from happening. In order to address this problem, indeni combines machine learning and crowd sourcing to put knowledge front and center.

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