Critical process(es) down for Cisco Nexus




Many devices have critical processes, usually daemons, that must be up for certain functions to work. Indeni will alert if any of these goes down.

Remediation Steps

Review the cause for the processes being down.
1. Use the "show processes cpu" NX-OS command in order to show the CPU usage at the process level.
2. Use the "show process cpu detail " NX-OS command to find out the CPU usage for all threads that belong to a specific process ID (PID).
3. Use the "show system internal sysmgr service pid " NX-OS command in order to display additional details, such as restart time, crash status, and current state, on the process/service by PID.
4. Run the "show system internal processes cpu" NX-OS command which is equivalent to the top command in Linux and provides an ongoing look at processor activity in real time

How does this work?

This script logs into the Cisco Nexus switch using SSH and retrieves the output of the "show processes cpu" command. The output includes a table with all the processes and their respective CPU utilization.

Why is this important?

Identify running state of critical system processes. If a critical process is reported as not running an alarm will be raised.

Without Indeni how would you find this?

It is possible to poll this data through SNMP but additional external logic would be required to identify critical processes.

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