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What is Indeni?

Indeni makes it easy to manage IT operations for digital businesses. With the Indeni Knowledge Platform and Indeni Insight, companies are able to create an infrastructure that is adaptable to change. Our dynamic knowledge and API integration arm IT with the insight and automation they need to move from reactive to proactive IT operations. By analyzing hundreds of device statistics and gathering real-time insights from thousands of IT professionals, Indeni finds errors before humans, reducing Enterprise downtime and freeing IT to contribute to strategic initiatives.

Current approach to IT operations will not scale

Old World

Manage IT by monitoring network devices in silos and relying on a fixed amount of IT professional expertise.

With Indeni

Avoid complex issues found in devices around the globe. Supplement IT talent with knowledge on demand.

10x the productivity of your team

  1. Grow IT Contribution
  2. Adapt To Change
  3. Utilize Operational Insights
  1. Grow IT Contribution

    • Say yes to business initiatives such as M&A, data center expansions, and new cloud services
    • Complete IT projects on time by super charging talent
    • Find troubleshooting answers quickly wth an easy to use interface
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  2. Adapt To Change

    • 10 - 100x the knowledge of your IT teams
    • Extend Existing solutions with advanced data collection and correlation
    • Maximize productivity with built in scripts and remediation steps
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  3. Utilize Operational Insights

    • Continuously Improve infrastructure with learnings from F1000 production environments
    • Get ahead of issues with proactive alerting based on dynamic knowledge
    • Analyze 100’s device attributes beyond SNMP in on platform
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Pelephone ensures stablility and prevents disruption

"The investment in Indeni was definitely worth it. We feel more secure and more importantly, we’re able to be more proactive”

Haim Kozlovski, Head of Engineering and Data Communication Pelephone
Sheetz prevents loss of critical services

“We purchased Indeni in order to identify those things that we weren't aware of.”

Bob Kemp, Manager of IT Security Sheetz
Travelex keeps their business up and running 24/7

“Very simply, the platform saves us time and money. We are very happy to have it.”

Chris Fereday, Head of Network Security Travelex

Create A Healthy Network In Minutes, No Agents

Anticipate infrastructure issues before they become major events

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