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Create Cluster High Availability

Proactively automate tasks to ensure seamless failover in the event of firewall failure. Check active and standby devices for mismatches such as:

Automate Maintenance Tasks

Automate repetitive and manual intensive maintenance tasks such as identifying if:

Gain Network Visibility

Continuously evaluate of critical resources to avoid outages:

  • System – CPU, Memory, Disk, critical processes, kernel tables, hardware components
  • Network interfaces – packet drops, errors, link utilization, NTP sync
  • Protocols – routing tables, Layer 2 & layer 3 protocols (BGP), error-disable state
  • Connections – VPN, connection to SDN controllers and management applications
  • Management resources – identity servers, syslog servers, Certificate Authority, DNS servers

Demonstrate Compliance & Audits

Ensure your infrastructure meets internal and external compliance requirements:

Implement Best Practices

Reduce your attack surface and provide defense against security threats: