Are you still monitoring your Nexus switches? Why not use the power of runbook automation and predictive analytics to safeguard your network health? Indeni predicts issues lurking in your network before they become critical failures.

Proactively Maintain Cisco Nexus & Follow Security Best Practices

Cisco Customers Choose Indeni to Safeguard their Network

“We realized there was an issue with the Polycom but couldn’t figure out what was happening. It would exhibit very sporadic behavior. In retrospect, after discovering the cause (with Indeni for Cisco), it makes perfect sense! I think this is a great example of why every organization needs automation.” — Ryan Leonard, CIO, FXCM (NYSE:FXCM)

Validate Your Environment with Dynamic Cisco Knowledge

The integration of Indeni with Cisco switches allows network operations team to proactively validate their environments’ configuration against an ever-growing set of Cisco device knowledge. The end result is reduced network outage and downtime. Go beyond SNMP monitoring with notifications that pull data across configurations, logs, and running device statics.

Hundreds of scripts generated by CCIEs around the globe:

Indeni is committed to continuously improve the High Availability performance of Cisco Switches. View the out-of-the-box knowledge for Cisco and create your own custom alerts by learning Indeni Knowledge Language.