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Indeni + Symantec Arrows

Symantec Blue Coat ProxySG Solution

Automate repetitive maintenance, visibility and best practice tasks and lower your total cost of ownership of Symantec Content Analysis and ProxySG devices.

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Indeni + Symantec Security Infrastructure

When deploying Symantec security devices organizations need to ensure configurations are done correctly and consistently. In addition performance needs to be continuously assessed and optimized. By using Indeni, engineering and operations teams can be notified of misconfigurations and degradations in performance before they result in service downtime.

Indeni takes care of key Symantec maintenance needs to keep your Content Analysis and ProxySG devices operating properly and free you up to take on bigger things

Compliance & Audits
Compliance & Audits white
Implement Symantec Best Practices
Implement Symantec Best Practices
  • Check the real-time state of the ProxySG ICAP connectivity
  • Check the status and response time of the configured DNS servers
  • Check the number of the concurrent connections and makes sure that it doesn’t reach the device limit
  • Check the total emulated certificates percentage to ensure efficiency
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Stop taking the fall for your firewall.

See everything and validate that your security devices are working properly.

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