About Indeni

Indeni is the leader in Security Infrastructure Automation. We've pioneered a new way to manage security infrastructure by providing the world's best practices, automated.

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Our world is digital. Every day we interact with hundreds of digital systems, whether it’s using our credit cards or going to the doctor. These digital systems rely on IT infrastructure that is extremely fragile: networks, servers, applications and security systems. The current approach to operating these security systems is broken. If we don’t fix it, the security systems will begin to fail, taking down our digital experiences with it. To keep the digital world running smoothly, IT needs to run smoothly.

Indeni improving your world

Indeni converts the world’s information on how to run IT infrastructure automation into production-ready elements that are continuously curated from vetted experts around the globe. By combining information from humans with live data from customers’ environments, Indeni generates predictive, prioritized, and actionable insights for customers. We deliver unprecedented visibility that gives customers confidence in their infrastructure health like they’ve ever experienced before. With Indeni, companies can give better service to their customers, improving all our lives.

Delivering security that that homegrown solutions can’t.

We serve some of the largest customers on the plant, and partner with their trusted advisors. These enterprise leaders, combined with the deep domain expertise of our global security experts, are what sets us uniquely apart from any other software company. View Customers | View Partners



While our corporate offices are located in San Francisco and Tel Aviv, our experts are across the globe.

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  • US Headquarters
  • 555 Bryant St, #157 Palo Alto, CA 94301
  • New York Office
  • 885 3rd Ave, 24th Floor New York, NY 10022
  • Tel Aviv Office
  • Yigal Alon st. 94 Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel