The next generation firewall requires the next generation management solution


Check Point Firewalls protect your data and secure your network infrastructure. How do you ensure the configuration and performance of your Check Point Firewalls are going as planned? IT Professionals are being asked to manage larger, more complex environments with less resources. It’s time to re-evaluate our approach to managing these critical devices.


Dynamic Knowledge for Check Point firewalls:

  • Guarantee Check Point cluster configurations are done correctly (ie: matching routing tables)
  • NTP, DNS, RADIUS are working smoothly (ie: avoid clock drift, centralizing authentication)
  • Optimize Check Point firewall performance (tracking CPU, number of connections, dropped packets on ports, etc.)
  • Monitor logs to prevent loss.


indeni automatically checks Check Point Firewalls configurations, logs, and key statistics to identify issues before they cause downtime. In addition indeni provides human readable remediation steps for the issues found, linking to official Check Point materials, such as SK articles, whenever appropriate.



Automate Configuration of Check Point Firewalls with Predictive Analytics for IT


indeni’s patented predictive analytics technology is focused on a simple principle; any type of prevention is better than any type of quick resolution. By building machine learning algorithms to talk to your devices in their own language and created a digital runbook in the cloud, complete with CPFW checks and common misconfigurations that can prove insightful to mission critical networks and those that are tasked with maintaining it.



Top 6 issues in Check Point Environments

  1. Gateway cannot access certificate authority
  2. Policy installation resulted in high CPU load cluster may failover
  3. Firewall log file increase rate critical – possible connectivity loss to log server
  4. Firewall kernel table limit approaching or reached
  5. Cluster member down due to NIC error
  6. Some received packets have been dropped by NIC (SA#24915)

Source: indeni Insight – Living database of knowledge collected and correlated across customer environments.

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“indeni identified a cluster that had failed over, and also that packets were not increment following the fail over. In addition indeni suggested to check the configurations on the switch. ”— Seth Lyons, Information Security, FXCM. Read the FXCM Case Study



“Firewalls are a critical piece of our network infrastructure and it is top priority for us to know about issues as soon as possible – indeni provided just that!”— Bob Kemp, IT Security Manager, Sheetz

Read the Sheetz Case Study


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